Monday, February 15, 2010

New Souvenirs Gallery Has Opened as Part of Park Galleries

As owner of Park Galleries for the past 2 years I have always focused on the Park Artists through encouragement, publicity, and our participation in 60 Linden Sunday and gallery exchanges. I had a small gallery of my travel "Souvenirs" but that was it.

Then all of a sudden the creative bug bit. And I became to process some of my many travel images into multi-layered photo-montages. Some use multiple images, others just rely on one. I've always wanted to open a gallery in my home sim, Pumori, but never had the time or creative energy. Then, just as quickly as creativity struck, Souvenirs/Park Galleries at Samara's Park came into being.

Please drop by and enjoy the complex and, in many cases, colorful images, as well as the restful courtyard. I will be getting more information up soon about the process and the images involved in each work, but for now just ask me any questions you may have.

Souvenirs/Park Galleries at Samara's Park:

Also be sure to drop by The Commons Gallery at Park to see the beautiful and evocative works of artists from Former Yugoslavia shown through the courtesy of Demago Gallery

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