Monday, November 1, 2010

Park Galleries: New Build, New Works!

It's been a while, but time to share that we have an entirely new build and some wonderful new works by the Park Artists. We've also established The Legacy Gallery for some of our pioneer Park Artists. We'll have a formal re- opening later in the month, but do drop by and take an early look.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April at Park Galleries

April 2010 is a busy month for Park Galleries and Park Gallery Artists.

The biggest news is that Park Galleries founder, Angel Enoch, is exhibiting 6 new works in The Commons Gallery. It is such a honor and pleasure to have her back at Park :)

Park Artist, Kayly Ilai has hung a group of new landscape-inspired works on the first floor of her gallery at Park. Not only are they evocative images, but they are priced nicely.

The works of the late Artistic Fimicoloud are on sale to benefit Relay for Life at Park Galleries at Copley Square. Not only was she a good friend and fine artist, but she owned Park galleries between Angel and Samara Barzane.

Current Park Gallery owner, Samara Barzane is having a busy month with her "Memory Layers" exhibit at Kelly Yap Art Gallery drawing to a close, but also anticipating the opening of a new group of works at Twilight Art Gallery. More on the latter in a bit.

AND we have the beginnings of The Spirit of Relay RFL Team Vendor Store.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Park Galleries UPDATES

Better late than never. This is the last day of the Park Artists' exhibit at Demago Galleries. This is the second part of what started with a Demago exhibit in our Commons Gallery. Thanks again to Luka Dayafter and his collaborative spirit.

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In other news, Samara Barzane is showing her "Memory Layers" as part of the Kelly Yap Gallery themed exhibit, Obsession. Thanks to Kelly for asking me! It runs to the end of April.

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Stay tuned as April will be exciting for Park Galleries and Park Artists!

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My apologies for the delay in posting events. RL overtook me for most of March. Do check back often though as the upcoming season is going to be an active one for Park Artists.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Park Artist Moeuhane Sandalwood at Aeonia Arts

The works currently on display at Aeonia Arts Showroom West is called Condamnation: A Country between Devastation and Hope. This installation was the result of the powerful effect the images coming out of Haiti after the earthquake had on Park Galleries Artist, Moeuhane Sandalwood. While some of the walls pieces are in Moe's gallery at Park, this is the place to see all of them, as well as his box constructions, which add both literal and figurative depth to the experience of Haiti's suffering.

Please do drop by, experience the exhibit and contribute generously to the Haiti relief effort.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Souvenirs Gallery Has Opened as Part of Park Galleries

As owner of Park Galleries for the past 2 years I have always focused on the Park Artists through encouragement, publicity, and our participation in 60 Linden Sunday and gallery exchanges. I had a small gallery of my travel "Souvenirs" but that was it.

Then all of a sudden the creative bug bit. And I became to process some of my many travel images into multi-layered photo-montages. Some use multiple images, others just rely on one. I've always wanted to open a gallery in my home sim, Pumori, but never had the time or creative energy. Then, just as quickly as creativity struck, Souvenirs/Park Galleries at Samara's Park came into being.

Please drop by and enjoy the complex and, in many cases, colorful images, as well as the restful courtyard. I will be getting more information up soon about the process and the images involved in each work, but for now just ask me any questions you may have.

Souvenirs/Park Galleries at Samara's Park:

Also be sure to drop by The Commons Gallery at Park to see the beautiful and evocative works of artists from Former Yugoslavia shown through the courtesy of Demago Gallery

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Week's 60L Sunday offering from Park Galleries

From now until Sunday evening we have works by longtime Park Artists Finny Yates and alba2 Rossini on offer for 60L each. Finny's is a beautiful fantasia on palm trees, while alba2 gives us the Italian city ofTorino at night. Both are excellent additions to any SL art collection.

Don't miss this chance to buy fine art at a nice price!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Park Artist Pol Jarvinen at Cushing Island

Don't miss 21 of Pol's mystically absorbing boxes on display right now at Cushing Island. Be sure to use the poseballs, because many of the boxes reveal their complexity only then. The title of his exhibit is, aptly, "Be the Art."

Also showing is feather Boa and both have works for sale in support of The Children of Haiti.

We're lucky to have one or two of Pol's boxes at Park on a rotating basis, as well as some of his smaller works, but don't miss this chance to see them all!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Park Galleries at Copley Square

We are excited to announce that Park Galleries now has a satellite space in the beautiful Copley Square sim. It is a well-run shopping sim with many excellent stores. We're just opposite Jori Watler's Alamood, in fact the slurl will take you to the front of that store. Just cross the street and turn left. We're just before you fall into the water :)

The exhibit will be a rotating selection of Park Artists. Currently Park Galleries at Copley Square is showing works by Rik Zwiers, Artistic Fimicoloud, Finny Yates, alba2 Rossini, Lilith Vanalten, Samara Barzane and Anya Follett.

We also have a special guest, Emme Eales, who is showing a few of her stunning glass marbles. You can see more of her work at her own gallery at Mystic Village.

Please drop by our new Park Galleries at Copley Square as well as the main Park Galleries.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Park Galleries Welcomes Demago Galleries!

For the month of February Park Galleries is welcoming Luka Dayafter and Demago Gallery to The Commons Gallery at Park. Luka has brought the work of artists from Former Yugoslavia into SL and we are honored to show a wonderful selection of their works at Park Galleries. The artists are Mersad Berber, Sadic Fahrudin and Aparin Sergej. Their styles vary from a bit of surrealism to genre scenes to beautifully antiqued images and collages.

Please come and enjoy this exchange with Demago at Park Galleries. And look for Park Artists to be in an exchange exhibit in March.

The Commons Gallery at Park
Demago Gallery at Aqualux

Note: We continue to participate in 60L Sunday [and now Saturday too!] This week's offering will be a painting by Park Artist, Anya Follet titled "Resignation."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

60L Sundays at Park Galleries!

Park Galleries has joined the 60L Sundays group. Each Sunday we'll offer a work, normally priced MUCH higher, for 60L. This weekend with the US holiday it will extend through Monday.

This week's special is from Souvenirs Gallery, a beautiful photo of Arles, France taken by Samara Barzane. To stay up-to-date join the 60 L subscribo at Park Galleries and at We'll announce next weeks 60L Sunday item by Saturday next week.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sistragrlro Wei's "Sparks" at Park Galleries

We start the New Year at Park Galleries with the brand new "Spark Series" by Sistagrolo Wei in The Commons Gallery. Created especially for this space, these works are alive with motion and rich in depth of imagery. They will be on view through the month of January.
From Sistagrlro:


I am of the Weilwan and Gommeroi people of the black soil plains of NSW,

Please come and see my works, I am trying to bring it from the past, into
the present to take into the future!"

View a video of "Sparks" at Sistagrlro We'is new exhibit at The Commons
Gallery at Park Galleries inspired a video by her friend, Xineohp Guisse.