Sunday, January 17, 2010

60L Sundays at Park Galleries!

Park Galleries has joined the 60L Sundays group. Each Sunday we'll offer a work, normally priced MUCH higher, for 60L. This weekend with the US holiday it will extend through Monday.

This week's special is from Souvenirs Gallery, a beautiful photo of Arles, France taken by Samara Barzane. To stay up-to-date join the 60 L subscribo at Park Galleries and at We'll announce next weeks 60L Sunday item by Saturday next week.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sistragrlro Wei's "Sparks" at Park Galleries

We start the New Year at Park Galleries with the brand new "Spark Series" by Sistagrolo Wei in The Commons Gallery. Created especially for this space, these works are alive with motion and rich in depth of imagery. They will be on view through the month of January.
From Sistagrlro:


I am of the Weilwan and Gommeroi people of the black soil plains of NSW,

Please come and see my works, I am trying to bring it from the past, into
the present to take into the future!"

View a video of "Sparks" at Sistagrlro We'is new exhibit at The Commons
Gallery at Park Galleries inspired a video by her friend, Xineohp Guisse.